Our B&B has seven large rooms, with floor to ceiling windows that let in the light and offer fantastic views.
The names refer to old farms in the area.


Our breakfast buffet has many local ingredients including eggs (from our own chickens), homemade jam (from our own orchard), honey (from the neighbour down the road), fruits, yoghurt, cheese and charcuterie, freshly baked bread and Danish pastry. We brew our coffee by hand and we offer a newspaper (in Dutch). There is also freshly squeezed orange juice and different bread types.


Enjoy our drinks-cooler with local ales and beer together with soda’s, water, cava and other drinks. All at honest prices. Or why not read a book in our comfy sofa’s.


Need more space and more luxury?


B&B Nieuwhof is located in a unique and open polder landscape with beautiful views on the countryside.

The previous owners were normal farmers, but after our purchase in 2009 we tore down the old house and rebuilt our new home. We renovated the existing structures, built several additions and completely changed the area from 2011 till 2012. It was hard work, but now we are proud to welcome you to our dream!


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